Kingroot apk download for Android, iOS and PC/Laptop

KingRoot is an amazing rooting app for those users who desire to just get root access, but do not really want to get any third party recovery into their gadget. It can work on all Android devices from Android 2.x version to 5.0 versions.

With just in one single click, KingRoot Apk can root any Android phones or tablets. It is the one of the most powerful. Regularly provided updates for kingroot is making it compatible with more and more devices as well as the latest devices. It supports number of variety of devices among all the similar rooting tools. So, it is a possibility if other similar tools failed then kingroot application can root the device.


  • Once you root the device, its software warranty gets over..
  • Damaged to device is tolerable at the time or after rooting. Any damaged caused by the use of kingroot application to the device doesn’t come under company’s responsibility. If it appears to you risky then don’t do it and try to research over it first.
  • Unrooting is also possible after rooting.
  • Just by rooting your device you can’t get everything you want. It requires skill, knowledge and much practice to accomplish your goals.

Special Features provided by kingroot application :

  • It is very popular root append is a One-click root tool for android devices.
  • It is a trusted tool.
  • Supports most number of devices than any other tools which are similar. It supports more than 100K models. Other similar apps are not even close to it.
  • It is updated frequently so that it can support new models and add up some other features to the previous versions.
  • Approx. 98.2% (of the total devices) are there that downloaded it and tried to root their device. Highest success rate in the industry.


It is possible to bring back your rooted device back to its original state. Just follow these steps:

  1. Install SuperSU app from play store in the case when the user was using other root managing tool.
  2. Then you need to open it and then click on the settings menu.
  3. After that you need to scroll down to find “Full Unroot” and click on it.
  4. Just that and now your device is back in the original state.


Kingroot is not available on your Google playstore so obviously you need to download it from some other third party sources.


  • First of all as we said that you need to make sure that your android device fulfils the above requirements.
  • Next you need to open up your default browser. Chrome is one of the most used and most trusted browsers.
  • Next you need to open your search engine which can be Google or Bing or some other search engines, and then you need to type “Kingroot apk download” and then search for it.
  • Now you will see a number of search results. Open by tapping the one which looks genuine and safe, usually the few at top are the best one for you.
  • Now you will see the name of the app right there ad a download button for it, don’t hurry up and first look if it’s the latest version.
  • Once you find it tap you need to on it and the download will start after that, wait until the download gets completed.
  • After the download gets completed open the file and install it, accept any permissions if it require and install the app after that.
  • In less than a minute your app will gets installed.


In this article we told you about the kingroot app. With the help of this app you have no restriction by the software and you can do whatever you want in it. Now you can turn your internet ON and follow the steps for downloading and download this app for your device.

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