Bhim app download for Android, iOS and PC

Bharat Interface for Money or BHIM is an app you can rely upon, with safe and fast cashless payments that can be done easily through your device. Developed by National Payment Corporation of India or NPCI in India and is developed for nation’s service. All you need to do to do your transaction is to register your bank account with the app and thereafter you need to set a UPI PIN for your bank account. If you want you can also set your finger prints instead of your UPI PIN. Now send or receive money from your friends and relatives just with your mobile number. This app is available on playstore for downloading and can be downloaded easily from there.


This is an easy and safe app for your payments. With the help of this app now you can do all your payments anywhere and at anytime as you desire just with the help of your Smartphone. This app also has more attractive features like these:

  • Payment method and fund transfer are very easy to do.
  • You can transfer fund to any bank account is another of its astonishing feature.
  • There is no need of registering payee beforehand.
  • Transfer of money can be done immediately and is completely secure.
  • This app allows you to transfer money anytime, even on holidays or nights.
  • There is no need to know the account number of payee.
  • There’s no need of ‘internet banking activated’ to use this app.
  • Besides UPI you can use your fingerprints also for authentication.
  • This app would also work on feature phone without internet.
  • You can make the payments faster as you also got an option for ‘scan and pay’.



As we said that this app is available on the Google playstore, so can be downloaded easily from there by just following these steps:

  • In start you need to make sure that you have a working internet connection and also you need to check that you don’t miss Google playstore app in your Smartphone.
  • After that open the playstore app and click on the search option at the top.
  • Next, search for your app by typing “BHIM”.
  • A number of results related to your search result will be shown; open the one you which you are looking for. The actual app you are looking for must be at the top if you have searched correctly.
  • After that you will see an icon that says “INSTALL” and would be green in colour, tap on it to start the downloading.
  • If it asks to accept something before the download initiate, it is actually asking for some permission that it would require for its working. Tap on accept and your download will start after that.
  • Then you got to wait till your app gets downloaded.
  • Your app must have got installed by now.
  • Now you can do your payments anytime and anywhere easily with the help of this wonderful app.

For IOS:

  • Before you start downloading the app for your IOS you need to make sure that you have got Cydia installer on your IOS device. After installing Cydia installer you can follow to the next steps.
  • Now you need to open up any browser of your choice that you have in your device and search for “BHIM IPA download”.
  • Now it will show you top 10 results on Google (or whatever search engine you are using).
  • Choose the one which seems legit and safe to download and then download the IPA file from there.
  • Once the IPA file gets downloaded then after that you need to launch the Cydia installer and drag the downloaded file into Cydia installer. Make sure your phone is connected while doing this step.
  • Now all you need to do is to sign up in Cydia installer and thereafter you will have your app installed in your IOS device.
  • Now you can do your payments anytime and anywhere easily with the help of this wonderful app.

For PC/Laptop:

  • As this app is in apk format so there is not a direct way to use the app in your PC/Laptop, you will need an emulator that can run the android apps on your PC.
  • Bluestacks is a nice choice as an emulator and can be used in this case.
  • Next what you need to do is to open your browser and go to the search engine and search for “BHIM apk download”.
  • Look for the result which appears most genuine out of them and then click and open it.
  • Download the app and wait until it is completed and install it.
  • Once it is downloaded double click on it and then your file will automatically open with Bluestacks.
  • Now you can do your payments anytime and anywhere easily with the help of this wonderful app.


This was all about the BHIM app, we hope you have got more than you want with this article. Now you can easily download it by going through those steps and do your transactions as and when you want it.

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